About me

Hello folks! My name is Almuth or Terri, depending on which culture I'm thinking in at the moment.

Here is where you can find more information about me, but REALLY! Why would you want to? There is much more interesting content to be found than that! For example, you can read about why a  Grey Nomad like me would want to spend hours developing a website by clicking here. Or you can jump straight in to some of the more interesting pages like Around the World in 80 Shop Windows.






However, if you really want to know more about me read on...

I'm scarily close to 60. I love reading, soft adventure travel and mucking about with ICT. I also have a passion for walking and cycling - the long-distance variety. I walked a 1000 km Camino through Spain in 2014 and have written a very long 'short-list' of walks and rides to attempt in the future. I also LOVE swimming in natural environments - the sea, rivers, lakes - which has occasionally had unintended but entertaining consequences.