About this site

I initially started a blog to be able to keep in touch with family and friends while I’m travelling about the world.



Since I have walked the Camino with some friends, many people have asked me about our experiences. Where did we go? How long did we walk every day? What did we eat? Was it safe? This site is an attempt to answer those myriad questions and to encourage people to go out and explore the world because it’s much more fun than staying at home!

Setting up this webpage has been a seriously steep learning curve for me during which I have plagued everyone I know for answers to really dumb questions. Keywords and links, posts and pages… Huh?  SEO? Isn’t that CEO? I have also found the internet to be a really useful tool, in particular ‘youtube’ in which one can find answers for almost every question on earth. So here is a really big ‘thank you’ to all those people, whether I know you or not, who have helped me on this journey!!!!

There are no links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those wonderful instant communication tools on this site. Why? Because spending hours everyday being attached to technology and sending instant updates of everything I do is not what travel is about.