Flowers and Pumpkins in Singapore

I went to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The Flower Dome is a huge greenhouse showcasing plants from dry Mediterranean climates including from Australia, Europe, South Africa and South America. I knew this would be something special when I walked in and saw this beautiful horse-drawn stagecoach.

I loved the Australian section. It made me feel so much at home. Especially when I saw the possums playing in the tree.

I walked to the African section and spotted more animals. Then I noticed some people amongst the vegetation. They shouldn't be there! - the signs prohibit walking amongst the displays.

The baobabs and cacti sections also had their visitors. Alice in Wonderland and some of her friends had dropped by.

Some of the cacti were absolutely stunning!

But the stony faced warriors were not impressed.

I had a quick chat with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too. They had just been raiding the beehive behind them. 

The visitors were all milling around, enjoying all the sights but then I spotted some who seemed to be on the move. I'm not sure whether they were coming or going.

Maybe they were looking for their car. It seems to have been overwhelmed by a load of pumpkins.

There were pumpkins everywhere! Big ones, little ones, orange, grey and painted ...

... happy ones and MEAN ones ...

With all the chaos supervised by some familiar looking scarecrows.