Swinousjie to Miedzywodzie

Now that we’re in Poland, I need to get to grips with Polish names. They seem to have a love affair with the letter ‘z’ and ‘zy’ combinations, for example ‘Szczecin’ and ‘Szczecinski’.

We have to follow a new set of signs too. Our route is called the R10.

Today we cycled from Swinoujście to Miedzyzdroje and from there to Miedzywodzie. The first part of the route to Miedzyzdroje was quite easy. We just followed the signs and the cycle paths were quite good. On the way we passed a quite weird looking light house, were almost carried away by gazillions of very nasty mosquitoes and were reminded that this is also a pilgrimage route. We could walk from here to Santiago if we were so inclined. 

Miedzyzdroje is a beachside resort but not to quite the same level as Heringsdorf and Swinoujście. While many of the houses have been renovated, they are generally smaller and less opulent than in other places. We passed one magnificent old mansion just waiting for an astute investor to fall in love with it.

After Miedzyzdroje we thought we’d get clever and take the 102 to our next overnight stop, Miedzywodzie. The 102 is a much more direct route than the perambulations of the Ostsee Rad Route. Unfortunately, the road was quite narrow and the traffic was horrendous. We turned off after a few kilometres and went bouncing along a wide trail through the forest towards the real cycling route which was also another wide trail through the forest only much muddier. We fought the mud for a number of kilometres, stopping occasionally to try to work out whether we were on the correct trail or not. Route signage was minimal.

Once out of the forest, we bounced and jolted along a poor quality narrow road, around a lake and back into more forest with yet another muddy trail. 

Eventually, the forest changed to fields, the muddy tracks changed to more poor quality roads and finally we struck gold! The road became straight, lined with ornamental trees and well surfaced. A bike path appeared and we were able to ramp up speed. The last few villages whizzed by and in no time we had arrived at Miedzywodzie.