The Finnish Language

The Finnish language is quite extraordinary. My observations so far:

They have lots of long words such as ‘Kuljettajantutkinto’ and this street name: Hovioikeudenpuistikko

They have lots of double letters as in ‘nappaamaan’ or ‘viattomuuttaan’

They sprinkle umlauts around like confetti as in ‘Vähäkyrö’ or ‘pääseväni’

There seem to be very, very few place names starting with the letters A to G. When I first looked in the index for camping sites, I thought I was missing some pages. Then I realized that Alavus, Enontekiö and Espoo are the only A – G place names in the book. The next one is Hamina.

They love the letter K as in ‘Kurikka’. 20 % of the place names in my camping guide start with the letter ‘K’.