A Useless Street in Stralsund

We spent the day catching up on washing and other boring tasks. While studying the map of Stralsund I could see how the street names refer to important concepts or people in the town with history and geography interwoven in everyday use. Mönchstr. Jacobichorstr. and Klosterstr. refer to the various historical religious places. Bechermacherstr. is the street of the cup makers. Poststr. is obvious. There are also Karl-Marxstr. and Friedrich Engelsstr. Olaf Palme Platz is named after a prime minister of Sweden who was assassinated in 1986. I wondered who Henning Mörder was and why a street was named after him. 

Then I noticed an unusual street name, Unnützestrasse – Useless Street. 

I just had to go there to find out why it’s so useless but discovered that despite its name, it has two open ends and a number of buildings with doorways so its not so useless after all. Significantly, there was no street sign. Is there a plot by the locals to subvert the authorities, change the name and thereby have their street rise up ‘the social ladder of streets’ and gain its rightful place in the world?

We went to a Greek restaurant for dinner. It rained as we cycled in and the streets were slippery so of course I fell off my bike and bruised one hand and both knees.  The compensation was the magnificent, clear rainbow we saw after the rain cleared.